Current Students

If you have enrolled in Delta dual enrollment courses in the past year,  skip to step 4.

New & Returning Students

If you are new to Delta or have not enrolled in courses in the past two consecutive semesters, please apply (or reapply) early to ensure you can register for classes! 

The basic steps to complete and submit an application are:

    1. Create an OpenCCC Account If you don’t already have one.
    2. Sign-in to your OpenCCC Account and start an application.
      (If you do not remember your username and password, select “Forgot” or contact support at 877-247-4836 or email at
    3. Submit the San Joaquin Delta College Application Login-in and be sure your application is submitted.

Note: Do not use your school email when applying. Use a gmail or yahoo account.

Please note that you’ll receive two confirmation numbers. If you do not receive the email with your Delta ID within one week, please contact

How-to Video: Admissions Process

After submitting your Delta Admission Application, you will receive a “Welcome to Delta” email at the email address you used on the application.

The welcome email will include your Delta College student ID number.

If you do not receive the email with your Delta ID within one week, please contact Please include a screen shot of your application’s confirmation message to help us it track down.

Current Students

If you have taken Dual Enrollment Program (DEP) courses in the past (since Fall 2019), skip to step 4.

Unsure if you have a DEP form on file? Contact us:

New Students

Before you can enroll, you must complete the DEP form. You will be cleared through graduation.

Note: You will need to enter the name and email of your parent and an authorized high school signer (a counselor or Principal).

    1. Look up your School’s Authorized Signers
    2. Submit Dual Enrollment (DEP) form

Once you complete the DEP form,  it will be routed to your parent and then your high school signer. Once the form is signed by everyone, please allow 24-48 hours for processing, excluding weekends. 

We will notify your high school signer once your hold has been removed.

Skip this step if you are not enrolling in English 1A, Statistics 12, or other courses with a prerequisite.

To enroll in ENG 1A or STATS 12, you must submit a level clearance request after your DEP/CES form has been processed.


Other courses, such as ECON 5, MATH 38A/B, and ASTRO 1, have prerequisites that require you to submit your transcripts to Delta’s Admissions & Records Office for clearance. See FAQ #35 for more information.

Registration is conducted online only.

Please reach out to your high school counselor for advice on what courses to take. Then, follow the below steps to enroll.

FALL 2024

Note: Make a note of your course’s start date and log into Canvas on the first day of class or you may get dropped as a no-show.

Have a great semester!


If your classes are scheduled to take place fully online, they will be held in Canvas, a learning management system used by Delta.

  • See our FAQ page to get started with your Canvas classes. The first 15 questions provide important information.
  • Log in to Canvas on the first day of class, check in daily, stay on top of deadlines. See FAQ #3 on how to login.
  • Check your Delta student email regularly for communications from Delta College and your instructors. See FAQ #6.
  • If your dual enrollment class requires textbooks, Regional Education office at Delta College will loan you a copy for the semester, free of charge. Check with your Dual Enrollment Coordinator about the process for receiving your textbook(s).

Need help? See FAQ #33 for ways to get assistance.

Look up available dual enrollment courses (and their codes) offered for your high school – Fall Courses


Look up Your High School Official’s Name and Email