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Textbook Loan Student Agreement

Textbook Loan Student Agreement

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Loan Terms and Conditions

1. The above textbook(s) are loaned to you for one semester only.

2. Textbook(s) must be kept in good condition and must be returned in the same condition as when loaned.

3. You are responsible for all replacement costs of textbook(s) if damaged, lost, stolen, or sold.

4. All Textbook(s) must be returned to the instructor on the last day of finals OR to your school’s dual enrollment coordinator within one business day from the last day of the class.

5. If you drop the course, you are responsible for returning the textbook(s) to your instructor or your school’s dual enrollment coordinator within 24 hours from when you dropped the course.

6. A hold will be placed on your Delta account until textbook(s) are returned or replacement fees are paid. Students with a hold placed on their accounts are not eligible to enroll in future classes until it’s removed.
My signature on this textbook loan agreement indicates that I have read and agree to these terms.